The GNC ALL MAX Fifth Annual Toronto Championships

Welcome to the Fifth Annual GNC ALLMAX Toronto Championships, being held on Saturday March 18, 2017! Our CLASSIC event will showcase the fortitude, determination and intensity that goes into the training of some of Ontario’s finest athletes. Sculpted physiques and high energy entertainment will be the staple of this event.

Sanctioned by the Ontario Physique Association (OPA), the GNC ALLMAX Toronto Championships is the first Regional Qualifier for the GNC |Ontario Provincials. Registration is $100.00 per category and competitors must register before deadline in order to avoid a $25.00 late fee. Competitors must have an OPA membership in order to compete, or risk paying a $50.00 penalty the day of the weigh in.

The GNC ALLMAX Toronto Championships celebrates a number of male and female bodybuilding and fitness categories including bodybuilding, men and women’s physique, figure, bikini and fitness. The top 5 competitors from each category qualify for the GNC ALLMAX Ontario Provincials, where they will compete as Ontario’s best amateur athletes.