Freddy Antwi

Freaky Freddy Antwi captivated audiences and fans in the early to late 90’s with his tremendous physique and stage presence. He undoubtedly has cemented his name in the Canadian bodybuilding scene as one of Canada’s all time great bodybuilders. “Being able to bring back the Toronto’s is a great honour and privilege for me”, says Freddy . This is where it all started for me on stage at the 89’ Toronto Championships. We all wanted to win the title of ‘Mr. Toronto’. It was my first competition after only 8 months of training and that experience set the stage for my drive and passion to become a professional bodybuilder. It was also at the 89′ Toronto Championships where Fedel and I first met and have been friends ever since. Our goal in bringing back the Toronto’s is to establish a high caliber event that will allow first time competitors to feel the same sense of accomplishment and camaraderie that we felt back in the day. We look forward to growing this event over the years to come and re-establishing the glory!